Per my earlier post, I’ve gone ahead and moved all of our tasks, bugs reports, etc. to Github. In doing so, I’ve been pretty liberal about deduping feature requests and marking as wontfix. The originals still exist in PT and, for the most part, the closed stories have a tag of either “wontfix” or “moved-to-github”

One neat thing about Github is that you can assign issues to a Milestone. For instance, here are our open issues for v0.7.1. Github also allows us to break features, bugs, etc. down feature by feature. Here are all of our issues for the Calendar. I didn’t realize it before but PT’s UI actually bugged me in this regard.

So, there’s a few outstanding issues I’d like to complete before releasing v0.7.1. This week, I’d like to put together a post about the move to Github (here’s the draft in progress) and another one with links to the press we received for v0.7.

Also, to get everyone’s creativity going, here’s a quick preview to what I’m thinking for v0.8:

  • HTML emails for notifications, with the ability to filter the information in the email and option to use your own templates
  • Post tasks
  • Support for arbitrary taxonomies and post types on the story budget
  • One-click create and Quick Edit posts on the calendar